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Getting On S 1-2-3 DVDRip

Getting On S 1-2-3 DVDRip XviD

Welcome back to Ward B4, a backwater in a provincial NHS trust hospital where the glamour has gone the way of the clinical waste. While unresolved matters simmer, Nurse Kim Wilde deals with the daily drudge and husband Dave’s under threat job, Sister Den Flixter has her work life balance and modern matron Hilary Loftus to occupy her, and Dr Pippa Moore finds life after stool research is anything but plain sailing. On the ward new admissions come and go, tempers fray, a night shift reveals throws up an interesting patient and a proposed new wing is dangled as a carrot, as the porters, orderlies, medical students, patients and relatives provide the comings and goings over a span of six shifts for Kim, Den and Pippa. Pippa flirts briefly with Peter Healy, Den eats a microwaved curry, Kim turns against a patient and Hilary ices the cake. B4 once again opens its doors to life on the outer fringes of health care, where the staff and patients are, once again, just getting on.