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The Dustbinmen S 1-2-3

The Dustbinmen S 1-3

Cheese And Egg is the leader of a gang of work-shy refuse collectors who operate a council dustcart (garbage truck) they call "Thunderbird 3." He’s in charge of Smellie Ibbotson, Heavy Breathing (so named because he believes he had a way with women), Eric and Winston (an ardent Manchester City supporter). The inspector from the Corporation Cleansing Department, whom they nickname Bloody Delilah, is their sworn enemy. The foul-mouthed, beret wearing Cheese and Egg’so nicknamed because CE are his initials’is respected by the others for his brains. Together, the dustbinmen flout every rule, shirk work whenever possible and discuss (usually disparagingly) local residents by their address or some other recognizable feature, hence "Mrs 23 Valetta Street", "Mrs 14b Kimberley Terrace", "Mrs 24 The Alley" or "Mrs Manchester United".