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The Suspicions of Mr Whicher COMPLETE mini series

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher COMPLETE mini series

In the early days of criminal investigation, before guilt and innocence were determined by forensic science, there was a detective,” a man of mystery”, with an uncanny ability to read the human character and an unswerving instinct for the truth. In Victorian England, justice depended on The Suspicions of Mr Whicher.

The Murder at Road Hill House
Daybreak, 1860. In an elegant country house, the Kent
family wakes to a shocking discovery: overnight an unimaginably horrible murder has taken place in
their home. As local police struggle to solve the crime, the case becomes a national scandal. Inspector
Jack Whicher, “the Prince of Sleuths”, is despatched to restore justice, but at what cost? Adapted from the
best-selling book, this is a gripping true story of murder, psychological suspense and courtroom drama.

The Murder in Angel Lane
Disgraced Scotland Yard detective, Jack Whicher saves a
respectable country lady from a violent robbery. When he offers to help find her young niece, he is drawn
into a disturbing case of murder which brings him up against wealthy and powerful figures and throws
him into conflict with his former police colleagues. The investigation leads to a private lunatic asylum
where Whicher must confront the darkness of his own demons.

Beyond the Pale
Whicher is hired by a powerful political grandee, Sir Edward
Shore, to investigate violent threats made against his son, who has recently returned from
India with his young family. Whicher’s quest for justice, leads him into the most dangerous
corners of London’s docklands and to the exposure of a terrible crime.

The Ties That Bind
An apparently simple divorce case involving a wealthy landowner
and his unhappy young wife spirals into something darker, drawing Whicher into the heart of
the English countryside where he uncovers the most disturbing and destructive of secrets.