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Sam COMPLETE S 1-2-3


From the 1930s to the 1960s, Sam follows the life of a young boy growing up in a Yorkshire mining village. But Sam reflects more than just one man s life it captures the qualities and textures of the time, weaving and exploring the fabric of a nation. It is 1934 and Sam Wilson is ten years old when his mother Dora leaves her husband and brings Sam to Skellerton, the Yorkshire mining village where she grew up. Her father, Jack, has been unemployed for more than eight years and her family has little enough money to support themselves. Will they manage with another two mouths to feed and how will Sam s childhood change? What happens in Sam s life, through post-war Britain, the search for his father, the passing of people he loves, the ever-changing industrial world and a life of austerity that found itself in the 1960s as a country that has never had it so good make this a both compelling and engaging drama. Some stories can take a lifetime – and some lifetimes can tell a story. This is Sam s.