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Sorry, I’m a Stranger Here Myself COMPLETE S 1-2

Sorry Im a Stranger Here Myself COMPLETE S 1-2

The show revolved around librarian Henry Nunn (played by Bailey), who lived with his wife Sybil in Datchet, Berkshire. He is henpecked by his wife, who seems only interested in sitting in front of the TV, and whose face is never seen on screen, only being represented by a waving arm (belonging to Pamela Manson).

The frustrated Henry then receives on the day of his 60th birthday an inheritance from his late Uncle Crispin of a neat sum of money, and, even better, ownership of the house where he was born and spent his glorious youth, situated in Stackley, a fictitious Black Country town. So Henry quits his job and makes the move northwards.

Unfortunately for him, when he arrives at Stackley…