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The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury COMPLETE S01 DVDRip SPRiNTER

The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury S01 DVDRip SPRiNTER

It follows 11-year-old Alistair Fury (Jonathan Mason) who starts a club called The Revengers, which he operates through his website. Through this club, he attempts to get his own back on his annoying family, and the programme charts his revenges against them, as well as others. His family consist of his mother Celia (Susannah Doyle), his father Sean (Brendan Dempsey), his older brother William (Carlton Dickinson) and eldest sibling Melanie (Natalie Kemp). Also appearing is Alistair’s grandmother, Constance (Kate Binchy). He is assisted in his “Revenges” by two friends, Aaron Pryce and Ralph Ming (Alex Smith).