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Comedy Firsts COMPLETE S01

Comedy Firsts COMPLETE S01

A series of comedy pilots which (eventually) resulted in the launch of two new ITV sitcoms.

Barbara starred Gwen Taylor and Sam Kelly. A series followed in 1999.

Sometime, Never starred Sara Crowe and Ann Bryson. A single series followed (transmitted in 1996).

Sardines was a sitcom set in a submarine. It starred Griff Rhys Jones, William Ivory and Jack Docherty. No series resulted.

Waiting was a sitcom set in a doctor’s surgery. The stars were Brigit Forsyth, Patrick Barlow and Peter Jones. No series resulted.

The Smiths was a sitcom about a Merseyside family, starring Kevin McNally and Rebecca Lacey. No series resulted.

Now What was a sketch show featuring Fiona Allen, Don Gilet, Angela Wynter, Curtis Walker and Alan Marriott. No series resulted.