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Brenda Starr Reporter COMPLETE S01

Brenda Starr, Reporter COMPLETE S01

The hunt is on for a $250,000 payroll robbery. The police are looking for it, andmostly just to be annoyingso is ace reporter Brenda Starr (Joan Woodbury) and sidekick relief photographer Chuck Allen (Syd Saylor). The main clue is a man named Joe Heller. As the serial begins, Heller is trapped in a burning building. Henchman Kruger guns him down and sticks Brenda in a closet so she’ll burn. Lucky for her, her boyfriend Lt. Lawrence Farrell manages to…

Note: This serial was coverted from the recently released DVD. The serial had
been restored but there is some lost audio and some lost footage. The
included screenshot shows a warning. Chapter 3 loses audio at the 9:32
mark. Chapter 4 has audio but no video. It is presented in slideshow