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The Adventures of Dante COMPLETE S01

The Adventures of Dante COMPLETE S01

Willie Dante (Dick Powell) deals cards – and he deals in danger. The back room of his restaurant Dante’s Inferno is a gambling den for select customers and a magnet for lawbreakers. Watch him take on villains with his fists and his wisecracking wits in these four episodes from the 1950s TV classic Four Star Playhouse:

High Stakes: An irate drunk tries to fill Dante with lead. Dante shoots him in self-defense and soon finds himself framed for attempted murder.

The Stacked Deck: An ex-con forces Dante to take part in a blackmail scheme. This episode includes some double entendre dialogue and even a funny dig at Powell’s actress-wife June Allyson!

The Squeeze: The odds of Dante surviving the night aren’t good when he’s holding rubber checks desperately sought by a local crime boss.

The House Always Wins: An old flame of Dante’s walks into his restaurant – as the accomplice to stick-up men planning to rob the place. Jack Benny appears in a cameo.