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ALF The Animated Series COMPLETE S 1-2

ALF: The Animated Series COMPLETE S 1-2

This show is a prequel to the live action sitcom ALF, depicting ALF’s life back on his home planet of Melmac before it exploded.
Gordon Shumway is a fairly normal teenager living in suburban East Velcro with his parents Bob and Flo, brother Curtis, young sister Augie and their dog Neep on the planet Melmac. He spends time hanging out with his friends Rick and Skip who call him “Gordo”, and he has a girlfriend named Rhonda. Sometimes the quartet would report for mandatory duty with the Melmacian Orbit Guard. The show includes an array of quirky supporting characters, which include the fortune-smeller Madame Pokipsi and the villain Larson Petty with his offsider Eggbert.