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Sams Game COMPLETE S01

Sam’s Game COMPLETE S01

Sam’s Game is about four friends who get involved in each others lives and loves, while renting flats in a large London house. Sam is big-hearted and gutsy, Sam is always up for it, but underneath the confident image she is just as insecure as any of us. Alex is Sam’s neurotic flatmate – just like most people having one of those days, Alex appears to be having one of those lives! Phil is Sam’s neighbour Phil is living proof of the maxim that those who live by the flirt, die by the flirt – a man very much attached to his self-image of easy going charmer and Marcia is Sam’s upstairs neighbour, Marcia is also the waitress at their local cafĂ© – a chronic gossip with big attitude. Sam and Phil are flirting friends, Sam and Alex are firm friends and Alex and Phil are friends through association with Sam; and Marcia thinks they are all good for a gossip.