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Autopsy The Last Hours Of… COMPLETE S 1-4

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of COMPLETE S 1-4

Richard. P. Shepherd reads out bits of Whitney Houston – Micheal Jackson – Karen Carpenter – Anna Nicole Smith and more autopsy which tells you not just the time and days leading up to their death but how they lived there life.

01×01 – The Last Hours of Michael Jackson
Richard takes a look at the death of Michael Jackson who died suddenly at the age of 50, leaving $400 million in debts and more questions than answers.

01×02 – The Last Hours of Whitney Houston
Richard takes a look at the life of Whitney Houston and offers an insight into the final few hours of her life.

01×03 – The Last Hours of Anna Nicole Smith
Richard takes a look at the death of Anna Nicole Smith who died in February 2007 at the age of 39 from a drug overdose.

02×01 – The Last Hours of Michael Hutchence
Following the story of renowned sex god, Michael Hutchence, who died in 1997. As a member of the rock band INXS, he was about to hit the road on tour, when his body was found with a belt around it’s neck in a hotel room. Dr. Richard Shephard examines the case trying to finally draw a line under what actually caused his death – was it a autoerotic asphyxiation accident or a suicide.

02×02 – The Last Hours of Karen Carpenter
A look at what led to the death of half of the musical, brother and sister act The Carpenters. Everyone believed the musical star had it all, however in 1983, after a history of eating problems she suddenly collapsed and died. Only weeks before her 33rd birthday, the autopsy came back claiming she died of emetine cardiotoxicity, a consequence of anoxeria nervosa. However Dr. Shephard looks over the report and discovers that in Karen’s past she had suffered from bulimia, heart problems, massive weight loss, force feeding and hospital stays and was also heavily addicted to a number of drugs that she’d kept hidden from her friends and family.

2×03 – The Last Hours of Brittany Murphy
Following the tragic story of the death of actress Brittany Murphy. Richard Shepherd re-examines the evidence in the case of her death, ruled as suffering from anemia and a drug over-dose in 2009, when her body was found. With her husband dying of the exact same causes just six months later, Richard looks back at both of their deaths and finds Brittany was often torn between her husband, mother and prescription drug fuelled addictions.

03×01 – The Last Hours Of Elvis Presley

03×02 – The Last Hours of Robin Williams

03×03 – The OJ Simpson Murder Case
Richard Shepherd takes another look at the murder of OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

3×04 – The Last Hours Of River Phoenix
The show features an investigation into the death of actor River Phoenix.

03×05 – The Last Hours Of Marilyn Monroe

Autopsy S04E01 Amy Winehouse PDTV x264-TASTETV

Autopsy S04E02 Heath Ledger

Autopsy S04E03 Joan Rivers
America’s raucous, acid-tongued queen of comedy was known for her love of cosmetic surgery, but it was during a routine, low-risk procedure that Joan Rivers eventually met her fate. Talking to her doctors and those who knew her, forensic physician Dr Jason Payne-James examines the last days of this much respected, larger-than-life personality in an effort to establish why she died.

Autopsy S04E04 George Best
Dr Jason Payne-James re-examines the facts surrounding the death of the man blessed with astonishing football skills and stunning good looks, George Best.