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Strumpet City COMPLETE S01

Strumpet City COMPLETE S01

A panoramic saga of Dublin life during one of its most turbulent eras

From the drawing rooms of the bourgeoisie, where the well-to-do clung to Victorian notions of class and privilege, to the miseries of the tenements, where poor families crowded into single rooms, Dublin in the early 1900s was as combustible as bone-dry tinder. Then labor organizer and modern Irish hero Jim Larkin arrived to light the match.

This acclaimed Irish drama recreates the era through a cast of unforgettable characters from every part of city life. Country-girl Mary, for whom Dublin is the land of opportunity and love. Hard-working Fitz, model of the loyal and abused trade unionist. Wretched but colorful Rashers Tierney. The cultivated, self-righteous Bradshaws. Well-meaning but misguided Father O’Connor and jaded Father Giffley, movingly portrayed by stage and screen legend Cyril Cusack.

Based on the enduring and popular novel by James Plunkett, Strumpet City also stars Frank Grimes, David Kelly, and Bryan Murray, with special appearances by Peter Ustinov as King Edward VII and Peter O’Toole as Jim Larkin.