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Rosamunde Pilcher Winter + Summer Solstice COMPLETE mini-series

Rosamunde Pilcher Winter Solstice + Summer Solstice COMPLETE mini-series

Double bill of television dramas based on the novels by Rosamunde Pilcher. In ‘Winter Solstice’ (2003), Elfrida Phipps (Sinead Cusack) has recently lost her husband. Moving into a new cottage, she begins to make friends with her neighbours, the Blundell family. Joined by her niece Carrie (Sophie Sch’tt), Elfrida seems to be putting her life back in order, a process that is interrupted when a tragic accident befalls the Blundells. As they all retreat to a Scottish estate for Christmas to get over their grief, a chance acquaintance from Carrie’s past and a sense of belonging that the friends thought they had lost forever leads to the best Christmas of their lives. The sequel, ‘Summer Solstice’ (2005) is set in the Scottish Highlands where Elfrida and Oscar have settled into a quiet life, but Carrie and Sam’s relationship comes under pressure when a seductive writer sets her sights on Sam.