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I’m in process of switching to new url protector, since it going to take some time, I’ve made list of TV Shows that I’m posting, linked to the new url protector.So, if (or better say ‘when’) safelinking go down again, you should download link below, unrar it to your machine then open it in your browser and choose tv show you want to DL.Also you may bookmark it in your browser if you want, but newly uploaded TV Shows will be posted on the website first and much earlier than you can find it on the list.

White Famous COMPLETE S01

The Ex List COMPLETE S01

Cold Blood COMPLETE S 1-2

Cold Blood COMPLETE 1-2

Brian Wicklow is jailed after a killing spree so macabre that he has become one of Britain’s most notorious murderers. Vilified by the popular press and despised by fellow inmates, his notoriety is compounded by the fact that detectives, including Jake Osbourne, investigating his crimes have never found the body of his last victim. However no one is safe with Wicklow behind bars.


Miss Guided COMPLETE S01

One Day at a Time COMPLETE S 1-9

After Henry COMPLETE S 1-4

After Henry COMPLETE S 1-2-3-4

Sarah France is the 42-year-old widow of a GP, Henry. She lives in an often volatile family situation with her mother, Eleanor Prescott, and her daughter, eighteen-year-old Clare France, with both of whom she shares a house. After Henry’s death, all three members of the family have to find a way to cope with each other as best they can.


Philip K. Dicks Electric Dreams COMPLETE S01

Life on a Stick COMPLETE S 01

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 COMPLETE S 1-10

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 COMPLETE S 1-10

Through contact with a mysterious substance, called Ooze, 4 little turtles in the canalization of New York mutate to giant turtles. They can speak, walk upright and love pizza. The wise rat Splinter becomes their mentor and educates them to Ninja fighters. Their arch-enemy is the bad, bad guy Shredder, who struggles to gain power over the world. Of course the ninja turtles will do everything to stop him.


Designing Women COMPLETE S 1-7