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Charlie and Lola COMPLETE S01 S03

Charlie and Lola COMPLETE S01

This fun series is targeted at preschool audiences about a boy named Charlie and his sister, Lola. Featuring a unique "collage" animation style and catchy background themes, the show follows the pair as Charlie helps out his often rather independent-minded sister, Lola. Lola can be rather firm-minded when it comes to things like not wanting to go to bed, or doing things on her own, but Charlie doesn’t mind too much — he knows how to come up with a creative solution to help Lola see a different point of view. Viewers can accompany the two as they travel to fantastic worlds using their amazing imaginations. The two siblings are joined by their friends Marv Lowe and his dog sizzles, Lola’s best friend, Lotta, Marv’s younger brother, Morten, and their various school friends and neighbors, including Arnold Wolf, Mini Reader, and Evie.