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Bouquet of Barbed Wire COMPLETE 1976 & 2010

Bouquet of Barbed Wire COMPLETE 1976 & 2010 + Another Bouquet 1977

Andrea Newman’s controversial series explores the tangled sexual and emotional relationships of a middle-class family as it is torn apart by a father’s obsessive love for his own daughter. Peter Manson and his wife, Cassie, appear to enjoy the perfect marriage. But their manipulative daughter Prue’s marriage to her American boyfriend, Gavin by whom she becomes pregnant proves the catalyst to the family’s dramatic disintegration, as Gavin intrudes further and Peter can no longer contain his jealous feelings for Prue. Cassie, in search of emotional fulfilment, throws herself into a series of passionate affairs and one of her lovers is Gavin…

Another Bouquet Of Barbed Wire:

Following on from the great success of ‘A Bouquet of Barbed Wire’, the sequel continues the emotional story of Peter Manson (Frank Finlay) and his tangled relationships with his family and his secretary. Unable to forget the past, he remains obsessed by the memory of his dead daughter Prue. Another Bouquet is a harrowing drama of a respectable family that has spiraled deep into a mesh of lies, secrets and lurid betrayals.